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Sandblasting nozzles for abrasive blast cleaning

Everblast is located North West of Chicago, Illinois -  We are a market leader in designing, making and supplying high quality sand blasting nozzles for abrasive and media blast cleaning markets.   Our supererior sandblasting  nozzle range consists of a wide variety of high quality carbide sandblasting nozzles and blast cleaning equipment inserts. All engineered and designed to provide industry standard performance.   
Are you looking for a range of Sandblasting nozzles and inserts that are designed in USA  and built using top quality domestic and globally sourced components?  Then look at Everblast's carbide sandblasting nozzles.  Our blast nozzles and inserts are quality checked throughout our assembly process, from sub-component to finished product. We work hard to make sure our customers receive top quality products. 
Are you looking for a range of high quality sandblasting nozzles and carbide inserts that offer performance and durability?  Then look no further,  we make a complete range of nozzles and inserts. Good sandblasting nozzles need to offer superior wear resistance against the cutting action of abrasives.  There are different carbides available to provide this wear resistance. Choice of nozzle (carbide) depends on abrasives being used, cost and site conditions. The most widely used carbides in grit blasting - sandblasting nozzles are  (1) tungsten carbide, (2) silicon carbide, (4) Silicon Nitride and (5), boron carbide.  
Our Blast cleaning nozzle are used in many dry and wet blast cleaning / surface preparation applications.  Here are a few examples of where blast cleaning nozzles are used  (1) wet blast cleaning (2) slurry blasting (2) open dry blast cleaning (3) enclosed cabinet and blast room sandblasting (4) Pipeline maintenance and sandblasting (5) Soda Blasting (6) Wet Blasting (7) Dry blasting (8) Monument Industry (9) Building refurbishment (10) Bridge maintenance (11) Petrochemical facility maintenance, (12) Ship building and maintenance facilities etc.
Check out our wide range of quality blast cleaning nozzles and carbide inserts. Look at our mini angle nozzle, (UAM-4X1-MINI) smaller than our standard angle nozzle it can be used in spaces where there are size restrictions. This nozzle is available with either one or three 45 degree ports. The tungsten carbide angled liner is housed in a high quality brass jacket with NPSM threads.
Sandblasting inner diameter of pipes is an important maintenance job undertaken both in industrial plants and on pipelines. Everblast offers a range of carbide nozzles and inserts that can be used on spinblasting style and other pipe cleaning machines. There are a miriad of pipes in plants some with very small inner diameters. When these pipes need their I.D.'s to be cleaned, this can pose a problem for plant maintenenance.  Everblast offers a solution with its probe style nozzles these can be supplied in different lengths to help reach into a narrow pipes. 
Shot Blasting nozzles are also used in the Granite, Monument and Soda Blasting industries. Low cost throw away ceramic nozzles are widely used in these industries but can be replaced by more durable cost effective tungsten and/or boron carbide nozzles. Advantage of using carbide instead of ceramics are many, e.g. Carbide will last longer, it is more durable, you dont have to keep a large stock, reduced need for purchases, less down time through frequent need to change cermaic insert, higher productivity, more environmentally responsible, etc. etc.
Other uses for carbide blast cleaning nozzles are: graffiti removal, fire damage restoration, architectural stone work, automotive restoration, swimming pool cleaning, concrete surface design, aircraft paint removal pipe line maintenance, water tower cleaning etc. etc.
Many of our long carbide sandblasting nozzles incorporate venturi geometry to accelerate the abrasive particle stream.  Blast cleaning media flowing through a nozzle will eventually wear away at nozzle bore. When the bore size increases it will gradually reduce a sandblasting system's performance by increasing demand for air.  In situations where no more air is available this will result in reduced abrasive exit velocity at nozzle.

Why use a venturi nozzle? One of the functions a venturi nozzle performs is to help with building pressure via a built in convergent angle that narrows to a straight bore and then diverges out towards the nozzle exit. This geometry causes abrasive particles to accelerate from their initial entrance speed and exit the nozzle with enough additional velocity to perform surface preparation work. Nozzles with a Venturi design are the nozzles of choice for most abrasive blast cleaning operators. (In certain application a straight bore nozzle is still used especially when a more focused blast pattern and slower abrasive speeds are needed).

Different carbide liner materials offer different levels of wear resistance. Higher priced Boron carbide nozzles offer many times the life of a lower cost tungsten carbide liner. (see table at bottom of this page). Our premium range of armor jacketed blast cleaning nozzles provide additional protection for carbide liners against ricochet and work site impact.

Everblast's contractor style carbide abrasive blast cleaning nozzles, grit blasting nozzles / sandblasting nozzle tips are supplied with the 2 contractor style industry standard threads (1) 1-1/4" threads and (2) coarse 2" /metric threads.   Most long venturi carbide sand-blasting nozzles are available with either 1" (25mm) or 1-1/4" (32mm) lead in entry. We also offer a wide range of carbide inserts made from tungsten carbide, boron carbide or ceramic.These inserts are generally used in suction guns operated in sandblasting cabinets and workshops where close up blast cleaning is needed.

We offer a choice of different jackets to protect carbide liners these range from our 100% armored jackets and threads that provide a very high level of protection against ricochet wear and impact to lighter weight plastic jackets that provide good impact protection for the liner. Our premium range of armor jacketed blast cleaning nozzles provide additional protection for carbide liners against ricochet and work site impact.

Everblast makes a range of High performance XLBC blast cleaning nozzles these are great when large surface areas need blast cleaning and can be used for dry and wet blasting. These light weight nozzles are long venturi style with a boron carbide liner. Nozzles available with either 1-1/4" fine threads or 2" coarse threads. 

Tungsten carbide nozzles are the most commonly used nozzles in the sandblasting / abrasive blast cleaning industry. They are tough and are best suited for use in harsh work site conditions. Tungsten carbide nozzles are economical and work well with most abrasives. If you want light weight carbide nozzles for use with the same media we offer Silicon carbide blast cleaning nozzles. Cost is higher than a comparable tungsten carbide nozzle but Silicon carbide offers a longer wear life.

Wet blasting and soda blast cleaning has become popular as these methods offers a way of controlling dust - please see our range oWet blasting nozzles. However, like many methods of blast cleaning there are pros and cons. It is important that each blast cleaning company researches to find out which method of blast cleaning (wet or dry) offers optimal results, given the type of surface preparation work being undertaken, abrasives used & coating that may subsequently be applied.

Another area of sandblasting where carbide is used, is in sandblasting cabinets, blast cabinets and sand blaster guns. These carbide inserts come in many different sizes and shapes so sandblast machine operators have to check carefully when purchasing replacement inserts and purchasing used sand blasting machines.

Guide on Estimated Nozzle Service Life in hours.

All figures are indicative and given for nozzle comparison purposes only. Actual nozzle service life will depend on operational variables, such as blast pressure, media dimensions and media particle profile. All figures are approximate.

Nozzle Liner Material Steel/Grit Shot (hours) Expendable Abrasives (Hours)  Aluminum Oxide (Hours)
Ceramic 20-40 10-30 1-4
Tungsten Carbide 500-800 300-400 20-40
Silicon Carbide/Silicon Nitride 600-1000 400-600 50-100
Silicon Composite 1400-2300 700-1450 180-900
Boron Carbide 1500-2500 750-1500  200 - 1000

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