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Everblast offers a water jet nozzle that is designed to mix water with abrasive inside a chamber within jacket structure. Moistened abrasive helps reduce dust. This is a an option worth considering when dust control is needed. Use search button on top right of page to search for our water jet nozzles e.g. WJ-5 for more info.
Quality Blast Cleaning nozzles from Everblast. When you need a competitively priced quality nozzle for your blast cleaning application look at the range we have available and variety of bore sizes.
Large Expanses of steel to be cleaned? Using either dry blasting or slurry blast cleaning? Then Everblast's high performance XLBC blast cleaning nozzles will help you increase productivity by blast cleaning faster than a standard length venturi nozzle. For more info go to search box at top right of this page and type in XLBC
Everblast carbide nozzles are used where ever a steel surface needs preparation before painting. Available with a range of holder fitting styles. Shown here is nozzle with a flange style fitting for use with a special nozzle holder.
Difficult to reach angles then take a look at Everblast's range of carbide blast cleaning angle nozzles.
Blast cleaning of small parts can be done inside blast cabinets. There are many blast cleaning cabinets on the market and most use smaller blast cleaning guns with inserts. We supply a range of inserts and short straight bore for most popular cabinet guns. Go to search button at top right of page and search e.g. UT-1
Straight bore ceramic nozzles available for blast cleaning in light duty blasting applications. Search under ceramics in our search box at top right of page.
Our high quality high and performance XLBC nozzles for use on slurry blast cleaning machines. These high performance nozzles are available with 2 thread styles. Fine brass threads for 1-1/4" Nozzle holders and coarse threads for contractor style nozzle holders. These blast nozzles are designed and built by Everblast at our facility in Crystal Lake Illinois.
Selection of carbide inserts for blast cleaning with sandblasting guns. Also shown is a carbide tipped lance for narrow pipe cleaning.
Blast Cleaning all types of vessels. From dry blasting to wet / slurry blast cleaning.

Long Venturi Carbide Nozzles

Tungsten, Boron and Silicon Carbide Nozzles for most industrial applications

Carbide Inserts

Small straight bore tungsten and boron carbide inserts for use in blast cleaning cabinets or with light duty blasting machines.

High Performance Nozzles

Extra Long Venturi, Boron Carbide nozzles used in high production blast cleaning

Water Jet Nozzles

For use in applications where dust supression/control is one of the main concerns.

Curved Nozzle - Curvo Blast

For use where standard forward shooting nozzles are unable to target abrasive stream on to work area e.g. along angle irons.

Small I.D. Pipe cleaning nozzles

For use in cleaning interior of small I.D. Pipes.

Tungsten Carbide Sandblasting nozzles


High Performance Nozzles

Everblast, an Illinois Company, is one of the market leaders in designing, making and supplying high quality sand blast nozzles for blast cleaning markets worldwide. Our selection of high quality abrasive blast cleaning nozzles are constructed using high grade materials optimized to provide wear resistance from both abrasive flow through the sand blast nozzle's bore to ricochet wear, on nozzle exterior (see our range of armored jacketed nozzles). Our comprehensive range of sand blasting nozzles and inserts use industry standard wear resistant materials: tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, Silicon Nitride, boron carbide and aluminum oxide ceramics.Our sandblasting nozzles including boron nozzles are used in many different methods of blast cleaning, including but not limited to: (1) open wet blasting also known as slurry blasting (2) open dry blasting (3) Enclosed Cabinet blast cleaning and (4) Enclosed Blast room sandblasting.
Everblast's sandblasting nozzles are used by professional sand blast operators throughout the International abrasive blast cleaning industry. Our expertise and focus onproducing a broad range of high quality sand blast nozzles has put us among the top sandblast nozzle producers/suppliers in the USA and internationally.
Most of our long carbide sandblast nozzles incorporate venturi geometry to further accelerate abrasive particle stream. The continuous flow of Sandblasting media through a nozzle eventually wears away nozzle bore.  It is this opening up of the nozzle's bore that can degrade a sandblasting system's performance/productivity by increasing demand for air.  There are a variety of carbide liners available for sandblasting nozzles that offer different wear resistant properties. Pricing of nozzles directly reflects the wear resistance of a nozzle. Some of the highest priced nozzles use Boron carbide liners, that offer many times the life of a tungsten carbide liner - depending on the abrasive being used (see table at bottom of this page).

Everblast's carbide abrasive blast nozzles, grit blasting nozzles and sandblasting nozzle tips are supplied with a choice of industry standard threads from the fine 1-1/4" threads, more commonly used in USA to coarse 2" threads widely used outside North America.. Most long venturi carbide sand-blasting nozzles are available with either 1" (25mm) or 1-1/4" (32mm) entry. We offer  a wide range of carbide inserts: tungsten carbide, boron carbide and ceramic - These inserts are generally used in suction guns operated in sandblasting cabinets and workshops where close up blast cleaning is needed.

We offer a choice of different jackets to protect carbide liners these range from our 100% armored jackets that incorporate an alloy jacket and threads to provide maximum protection against ricochet and impact to lighter weight plastic jackets that provide good impact protection for the liner.

Everblast makes a range of High performance XLBC blast cleaning nozzles these are great when large surface areas need blast cleaning and can be used for dry and wet blasting. These light weight nozzles are long venturi style with a boron carbide liner.  Nozzles available with either 1-1/4" fine threads or 2" coarse threads.

 To maximize productivity of abrasive blast cleaning system it is important to select a carbide nozzle that will be cost effective when used with a specific media.  It is important to use a sand blasting nozzle with bore to suit compressed air supply and required nozzle exit velocity. Nozzles should not constrict air and abrasive flow by going from a larger hose I.D. to a smaller nozzle entrance size. 

There are many different types of blasting media from walnut shells, plastic, ice, sponge, Soda, copper slag, garnet to steel shot. The work that is being performed and surface finish needed deteremines type of media that should be used. 

Tungsten carbide nozzles are the most commonly used nozzles in the sandblasting / abrasive blast cleaning industry. They are tough and are best suited for use in harsh work site conditions.  Tungsten carbide nozzles are economical and work well with most abrasives. If you want light weight carbide nozzles for use with the same media we offer Silicon carbide blast cleaning nozzles. Cost is higher than a comparable tungsten carbide nozzle but Silicon carbide offers a longer wear life.

Wet blasting has become more popular over the years as this method offers a way of controlling dust. However, like many methods of blast cleaning there are pros and cons. It is important that each blast cleaning company researches to find out which method of blast cleaning (wet or dry) offers optimal results, given the type of surface preparation work being undertaken and any coatings that may subsequently be applied.

Sandblasting nozzles and ceramics are available through our network of domestic and international distributors.  Everblast Distributors focus on the abrasive blast cleaning industry and carry a range of sandblasting equipment and supplies e.g. compressors, sandblasting hose, couplings, nozzle holders, sandblasting abrasives, blast pots, blast hose, cabinets, replacement parts for sandblasting equipment, sandblast helmets, replacement lenses and other sandblasting related supplies and equipment. If you are looking for a distributor please call us. 

Another area of sandblasting where carbide is used, is in sandblasting cabinets, blast cabinets and sand blaster guns. These carbide inserts come in many different sizes and shapes so sandblast machine operators have to check carefully when purchasing replacement inserts and purchasing used sand blasting machines.

We also supply a range of light duty ceramic nozzles  / inserts for sandblasting.

What are ceramic nozzles? They are light duty alumina abrasive blast cleaning - etching- nozzles generally used in cabinets and anywhere a small blast pot is used for example spot cleaning of small parts. Ceramic nozzles have a much shorter work life than e.g. tungsten carbide.

Guide on Estimated Nozzle Service Life in hours. 

All figures are indicative and given for nozzle comparison purposes only. Actual nozzle service life will depend on operational variables, such as blast pressure, media dimensions and media particle profile. All figures are approximate.

Nozzle Liner Material Steel/Grit Shot (hours) Expendable Abrasives (Hours)  Aluminum Oxide (Hours)
Ceramic 20-40 10-30 1-4
Tungsten Carbide 500-800 300-400 20-40
Silicon Carbide/Silicon Nitride 600-1000 400-600 50-100
Silicon Composite 1400-2300 700-1450 180-900
Boron Carbide 1500-2500 750-1500  200 - 1000

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