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Selecting Nozzles FAQ

Straight bore or venturi style nozzle?
What abrasive will you be using?
What Blast Pattern Size will I get?

Tips for Installing Blast Cleaning Nozzles:

Suggested Good Nozzle Practice.

  1. Your new carbide lined sandblasting nozzle is supplied with a nozzle washer. Place threaded end of nozzle up against end of abrasive blast hose in nozzle holder. There should be 100% surface contact between nozzle washer and top of hose. (See picture below)  When installed correctly the nozzle washer will help prevent wear at nozzle entrance.
  2. Always inspect equipment & replace worn hose, nozzle holders, washers & blast cleaning nozzles.
  3. To maintain productivity always replace your carbide sand blalsting nozzle when inside bore has worn to one size larger than originally supplied. (1/16" /1.59mm)
  4. To avoid injury/harm when blast cleaning, always follow all statutory & other established safety rules covering blast cleaning operating procedures.
  5. To avoid injury/harm when blast cleaning, always follow all statutory & other established safety rules covering the selection & use of equipment & media.
  6. When using and cleaning blast cleaning nozzles do not bang/impact them as this may crack or fracture the carbide liner. 
  7. Please remember the blast cleaning nozzle is a tool and should be protected against damage like any other tool.
  8. Always check carbide lined nozzles before using for excessive wear, cracked or broken liners. Always replace nozzles when you see the liner has been damaged, cracked or otherwise compromised.
  9. Before screwing nozzle & holder together, clean threads of grit etc. Make sure you use the supplied washer and replace when worn. The washer insures a good seal between the bottom of the blast clleaning nozzles and hose.


Important guide lines for installing your new nozzle:

To securely install nozzle in a holder there must be at least 70% of threads engaged in nozzle holder - a minimum of 8 threads on 1-1/4” NPSM or minimum of 4 threads on Contractor / 50mm style Nozzle. The more threads engaged in holder the stronger the nozzle installation.

Hose should be cut squarely & installed in holder so as to allow bottom of nozzle with washer to seat firmly against hose. There must be 100% contact with washer at bottom of nozzle & hose.  Hose installation in holder should allow nozzle threads to engage in holder as recommended above.

Your nozzle is supplied with a nozzle washer. This washer will provide a seal between end of nozzle & blast hose when nozzle is installed correctly. Always use nozzle with a washer.


Cut away showing nozzle installed in nozzle holder flush up against hose. There should be 100% contact between bottom of nozzle (washer) and hose surface.



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